Transmedia Artist
National Director, New York Underground Museum



In this drawing by Phoebe Legere, the artist is seen astride her BMX bike, stabbing Banks and

Corporations with her artist brush.

HEAR: Legere reading from her Autobiography: Teenage Weimar

HEAR: The Waterclown

HEAR: X Rated American 1995 Composed by Phoebe Legere for the 4 Nurses of the Apocalypse

HEAR: Ultra Romantic Parallel Universe, 2007 Poem - Legere, Music - Abrahams, Legere, Eno

Dark Energy -2003 an Astrophysics Oratorio, Poem -Legere, Music Legere, Eric Mandat, remixed by the Sneakers of Samothrace

Monad Art Collective

Tap: A Water Oratorio

Moulin Rage w Ethyl Eichelberger


Dance of Death

The Big Bacchanal of Avenue B w Jack Smith

Folies Legere w Penny Arcade, Ela Troyano


Plays, Poems and Performances with Nile Southern-"Grov" "Beach Foot" and "Marilyn"

Lingerie Killers


Tours and expeditions: Africa, China, Asia, South America, Australia

Blond Fox

1991 From Sea to Shining C

1992 Songs for a Blue Angel - with Hilary Knight

1993 Autobiography: Rape and Marginalization

1994 4 Nurses of the Apocalypse

1995 Marquis de Slime

1996 I Married a Bull - with Hunter Thompson

1997 Triumph of Innocence - Edison Theater

1998- 100 Years of Times Square Sleaze

1999 -Swingalicious

Turgid Loathingmore Arrested with an 11 year old

2000- Formed the Mp3 All Stars

2001-The Queen of New England, NYSCA Grant

Film: Tibet

2002- Sneakers of Samothrace

technical explaination and circuit diagrams

Film: Madagascar

2003- Sneakers of Samothrace 2.0

VIDEO SELFPORT - 2005 Anais Nin Film Festival in Monterey

WOMAN and SLOTH - a movie about the critically endangered animals of the Coastal Forst in Brazil

TIBET a movie filmed while on a scientific expedition in Tibet.

2004 Academic appointments, classical composition

and collaborations with

Jim Staley and the Tone Road Ramblers

The Common Root of All Organisms
The Prairie
Never Again

Dark Energy

Ragdale Residencies

The horror of romance. A total waste.

Father and Mother in car accident.

Father dies.

Mother dies.

Sister goes mad.


Ecometropolis Festival, CUNY, 2006 .

Chromatic Wave Cantata: 2006 Digital Salon, New York City

2006 New York Underground Museum concieved by Phoebe Legere

who brings onboard her hero and mentor Arleen Schloss

and gets major help from Jack Waters, Sur Rodney Sur, Roberta Friedman

2009 A Few Words from My Intestine

2010 American Weimar

The Mother Symphony 2011

Kunstcerto for Suicide Piano 2011

Astrophysics for Young Lovers 2012

2013 Shamancycle,

Shakespeare and Elizabeth 2013-2014

2014 Frog and Nymph with Lena Dunham and Hilary for it on HBO this winter....


A Priori - Homage to Barney - Paterson Art Museum 

Early Work