The New York Underground Museum is a permeable internet membrane of ideas, energies, and sensitivities.   NYUM is a new model for Museums - a museum surrounded by air and light, open 24 hours a day where interactivity and collective viewer feedback are integrated into the perceptual process. NYUM will preserve, curate and present works that are not held by major institutions. We hope to raise the status of experimental artists working outside the art establishment, such as female artists, anti - social artists, artists with emotional and physical disabilities, and artists of color.  

The New York Underground Museum is designed specifically for the worldwide web, and the artworks presented will be ideally suited for Internet delivery: Digital Art, Video, Performance Art, Animation, Interactive Art, Visual Music. Our museum will be open to the global public, 24/7.

New York City is more than a city. It is an idea. Through NYUM, the NY experimental art community will grow beyond its geographical and chronological location to encompass a metaphysicality of art lovers and connoisseurs. We dream of Kiosks in public spaces where people can access our museum: young people all over the world can pass through the NYUM portal into the Underground City.


We have 5 Basic Entry Points for the Museum:

• Monthly Featured Show :

The Three Jacks

Digital Artist Jack Ox, Video Artist Jack Waters, and Interdisciplinary Artist Jack Smith  

•  My Bohemia

A virtual bohemia. Art is all about conversations between artists: NYUM will facilitate dialogue about contemporary artistic practice through chat and online social networking.

•  Art: The Game

Designed by SVA MFA 2007 Computer graduate Dae Woon Na, we are developing a game that simulates the obstacles artists must overcome to thrive in a real bohemia: nightmares, drug addiction, thieves, fear of rejection, STD'S, and art world politics. Just as the US Army prepares young men for the rigors of war through War Games, we will make young people strong, and ready to fight for art and truth.

• Interactive Avant Garde Map of New York

Where Bohemians, past and present, work and play.

• NYUM Blog.

Will be deep linked to the best blogs in town including Roulette Intermedium's Blog and Eyebeam Blog

NYUM was founded by Phoebe Legere, transdisciplinary artist, writer/host of Roulette TV, and Arleen Schloss, performance and video artist, curator of A's Performance Loft. NYUM is operating under the aegis of Black Maria Inc, a not for profit corporation.   It's director, Roberta Friedman, is our Video Curator.

As money for the arts diminishes, there is a need for new strategies in arts presentation. We present work by internationally recognized art stars as well as recent art by underground, visionary and emerging artists rarely seen outside of New York City. We have access to this content because of our decades of work and long standing connections with curators, scholars and artists in the New York art world.