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New York is a zone of culture and art; it’s a dense, diverse urban center full of originality, noise, light and crowds. People all over the world are fascinated by New York, they yearn to tap into the spirit of this place and learn about the extraordinary and inspiring things that happen here. Above all, people everywhere are hungry for the culture that wells up from the very heart and soul of the City.

New York City is more than a city. It is an idea. Through the New York Underground Museum, New York City radiates beyond it's geographical and chronological location to encompass a metaphysical community of art lovers and connoisseurs.  Our institution is a permeable internet membrane of ideas, energies, and sensitivities – a new model for Museums – a museum surrounded by air and light, open 24 hours a day where interactivity and collective viewer feedback are integrated seamlessly into the perceptual process. You can visit the museum on your home computer, but we in 2014 we will be introducing NYUM kiosks in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw that will be portals to the energy of the New York Art World.  Everyone can be a part of our community, no matter where they live.

The New York Underground Museum is designed specifically for the worldwide web, and the artworks presented will be ideally suited for Internet delivery: Digital Art, Video, Performance Art, Animation, Interactive Art, Visual Music. Our museum is open to the global public, 24/7. We have been met with so much enthusiasm that we are now having two shows are year at our physical location on 2nd Street between B and C.

As money for the arts diminishes, there is a need for new strategies in arts presentation. We are presenting work by internationally recognized art stars as well as recent art by underground, visionary and emerging artists rarely seen outside of New York City. We have unique access to all of this content because of our decades of work and long standing connections with curators, gallery owners and scholars in the New York art world.

Our Museum Store facilitates viewer acquisition. With one click we deliver leading-edge art product anywhere in the world.
Contact: PhoebeatNYUndergroundmuseum.org