/Blood on the Door: The Fluxus Passover /

Our Underground Family gathered to celebrate an ecumenical, vegetarian passover with spontaneous Fluxus performances and poetry.

Dorothy Friedman, (NYUM curator of poetry) improvised a new poem called "Everything is Made of Matzoh" I accompanied her on accordion... the Underground Family sang and beat kletzmer rhythms on the table.

Katz's came to life.

Other great performances by Susie Rakowski and Arleen Schloss (NYUM curator of Performance Art).

The 4 questions were highly stimulating.



An instant reaction from James Hopkins... our new curator of Underground Rock...

He writes:

(refering to Susie Rakowski)

"I was especially happy to meet your
Monad bandmate. Like you and all
the women in your circle-smart,fun
and beautiful.

I was thinking too on the train about
what you asked the tables-who will
lead us from the cellphones and computers. I think the rebel wave
is picking up tsunami strength even
as we sat in Katz,but it's still hard
to see it. For too many technology
only amplifies their narcissism but
when that wave hits it will be the
artists-like you,Arleen,and other
outward bound explorers-who will
be looked to for advice.

Thank you again for the evening,
Phoebe. You are surrounded with
good people.



Posted by Phoebe Legere, Curator of Curation