Phoebe Hemenway Legere

Group Show TNC Gallery 2014
Solo: Shamancycle Drawings Silk Gallery 2013 Las Mujers Salvajes de Loisaida NYUM Gallery 2012
Installation One Maryle Bones London 2011
Loisaida Group Show TNC Gallery 2010
Car Show Fusion Arts 2009
Loisaida Group Show TNC Gallery 2009
A Few Words from My Intestine TNC Gallery 2008
Dark Harbor Location One 2007
Digital Salon New York City: Chromatic Wave Cantata 2006 Installation, Ciberart Festival Project Room, Bilbao, Spain 2005
Thailand Digiart Festival Traveling 2004
Briggs Robinson Gallery New York City 2003
World Wide Gallery Chicago 2002
Ragdale Gallery Lake Forest, Ill 2001
Vered Gallery East Hampton, NY 2000
Lesbianism in the Twilight of a Dying Civilization Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong 2000

Charlie Finch Real Art Gallery 1990 – , Darius Gubala Gallery, Pyramid Gallery, Hallwalls, Gary Azon Gallery

A Priori (solo) Patterson Art Museum 2007
Curation NY Underground Museum 2006-2013
Live Art Brooklyn Museum (Sackler Opening)

Pompidou Museum, IRCAM”S Resonances_Aux Festival, Paris 2004
Speculative Video Festival San Francisco 2003
Really Big Festival, Australia 2003
Vision Festival 2002
Venice Biennial, Nomad Video Wall 1996
Mixology Festival Roulette 2004-2009
”Kuntscerto”,Gay Village, Rome Italy 2012

Vassar College, BA, Art Linda Nochlin, Advisor
Juilliard School
New England Conservatory
Decordova Museum
New York University
School of Visual Arts
MFA Computer Art Program , SVA Perry Hoberman Advisor 2005
City College

Academic Appointments
Visiting Professor, Gallitin School at New York University 2010-2014
Artist in Residence University of Victoria PhD program 2005
Guest Lecturer, University of Illinois 2004
Artist in Residence,Graduate School of Computer Art 2003
School of Visual Arts New York City 2003
Artist in Residence University of Texas at Austin 2003
Guest Lecturer, University of South Florida, 2002

Awards and Prizes:
New York State Council of the Arts Grant 2000
Ragdale Fellow 2000 –2007
TNC Artist in Residence ongoing

National Director of the New York Underground Museum 2006 –present
Writer, on-air host for Roulette TV which is about the extreme frontier edge of art and music. 2001-present
Life Drawing Teacher Ruhe Foundation 2014

Marquis De Slime (writer,star, soundtrack) Canal +,1995; Shame, Depravity and Lesbianism in the Twilight of a Dying Civilization(Live Painting, Live Art, Music, Projection, Dramatic Text, Movement) Fringe Festival 1996; 100 Years of Times Square Sleaze (Book, Music, Sets, Costumes) China Club 1997; Planet Boob, Return to Planet Boob, Escape from Planet Boob (Video, Book) 1998; The Bull Wedding (Performance, Video with Hunter Thompson) 1999; The Waterclown(Text, Improvised melody, w/Cleveland Chamber Symphony) 2000, Queen of New England (experimental multimedia opera, book, music, projections) 2001; Vision Festival, (w/Ikue Morie , Jim Staley) 2002; Phoebe Songbundle, Ramapo Lenape Powwow 2002-4; Scientific expeditions to Tibet, Madagascar, China, Suriname (Video, Music, Painting, Visual Culture)
2002 - 2004; Hello Mrs. President (book, music, sets) 2004; Common Root of All Organisms (Performance, Text, improvisation, recording)2004; U. of Texas Austin 2005; The Prairie, (Performance, Text, improvisation, recording) U. of Illinois 2005; RECENT: Installation, Chromatic Wave Cantata, Ciberart Festival Project Room, Bilbao, Spain 2006; A Priori: Homage to Barney Newman (Paintings, Constructions, Video, Sound) Paterson Art Museum 2006; The Unknown Woman Artist,(Live Art) Brooklyn Museum of Art 2007; Chromatic Wave Cantata, Digital Salon, SVA New York City 2007; Howl Festival 2006-9; Opening, New York Underground Museum (Live Art, Curation) 2007; Dark Harbor for Sneakers and String Quartet, Location One 2007;
Invisible Opera, Location One 2008; Thailand Digiart Festival 2007; BAM Cafe, (Mutant Accordion, Piano, Sneakers) 2008; A Few Words from my Intestine(Live Art, Projections, Sculptural Costume)2008; Theater for the New City 2008-9; Steim, Amsterdam, (Residency, Mixed Sound+Visual Sneaker Performance) 2009; Gadgetfest,(Live Art, Sneakers as Improv. tool) Governor's Island 2009; IRCAM'S Resonances_Aux Festival (Sneakers, audio and visual) 2009; Woodstock Quantum Ensemble at the Deep Listening Festival (Sneakers, Shamanic drumming)2009; Mix Festival (Performance, Art) 2010; Le Petit Versailles (Improvisations on ancient Abenaki/Penobscot chants, w/Projections and Sneakers)2010;“Teenage Weimar" at One Maryle Bones, London 2010; Astrophysics for Young Lovers 2010-2011 Soundcheck WNYC and Iridium; Mass in Blue, Avery Fisher Hall 2011; "Female Caligula" w/ "Pulsing Light" Sensor suit, Live Art) Gay Village,Rome 2011; Solo exhibition and performance, Darius Gubala Gallery; 2011 Howl Happening #3 at New York Underground Museum (performance curation, exhibition) 2011; National Arts Club MC, Love and Courage (Performance)2012 Publications: My Poems have been published in Daniel Pinchbeck's Open City (1995), Anne Hemenway's Daily Weekly (1989) Gary Azon's Poetry Journal (1989-2007) and the New York Times (1994) My epic and scientific poems have been published in their entirety by Einstein:Blue Curtain (2000); The Waterclown (2002) Dark Energy (2005) Never Ending (2006) The Prairie (2007), Common Root of All Organisms (2008) Remembrance of Things Grossberg (Monograph on Larry Rivers) Downtown Magazine 1997; Hunter S. Thompson interview 1999 reprinted in Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson (2009)Performance Avery Fisher Hall, Featured Soprano, Mass in Blue, 2011 “The Shamancycle” a 15 person monster Eagle bicycle sculpture that runs on Alternative Energy, presented at Burning Man 2013, and Sparks Sacramento 2014. There is a stage on top for Live Art. I staged a 15 person transmedia performance at Center Camp Burning Man 2013. “Shakespeare and Elizabeth, the Reality Show” Book, Music, Lyrics and expanded paintings 2013-2014

Prizes, Grants, Honors:
Nominated for Pulitzer Prize: 2000 The Waterclown Jerome Foundation Grant for Emerging Playwrights: Hello Mrs. President New York State Council of the Arts: Queen of New England (2000Ragdale Fellow: 2000–2007 Artist in Residence: School of Visual Arts 2003-4 Artist in Residence: University of Victoria

With Jack Smith The Big Bacchanal of Avenue B
With Ethyl Eichelberger Toulouse Women
With Joey Arias Caligula Returns
With Jack Waters The 3 Jacks
With Ethan Shoshan The Mix Festival T


PHOEBE LEGERE is a transmedia artist. Interview Magazine called her "a genius." Billboard Magazine raved, "She is the female Frank Zappa!" Legere studied Art with Linda Nochlin. jazz with John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet. painting with Larry Rivers, writing with Hunter Thompson, composition with Morton Subotnick. Legere was signed to Epic Records, had her Carnegie Hall debut and opened for David Bowie on his National Tour. She led downtown artrock bands: Monad, Blondfux, 4 Nurses of the Apocalypse. Legere was resident composer of the Wooster Group; she made films and wrote Hello Mrs. President, Her symphonic poem, The Waterclown, music co-composed with Morgan Powell, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in music. Legere won a NYSCA grant to write The Queen of New England, an opera about the Massachusetts Native American holocaust. Legere invented an assistive device for disabled children called the Sneakers of Samothrace. Legere has released eleven CDs of original music, and has appeared on National Public Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, PBS City Arts, and Charlie Rose. In 2013 Legere created Shamancycle, a 15 person Monster Eagle bicycle that runs on Alternative Energy. Legere's most recent total art synthesis, Shakespeare and Elizabeth (2014) ran for 3 weeks (soldout) at TNC. Two of Legere's paintings were recently added to the Leslie-Lohman Museum collection. She will perform her newest total art synthesis, George Washington was a Lesbian Sex Slave, at Dixon Place, July 11.


Artist Statement:
My transmedia art is painting, drawing, sculpture, alternative energy, dramatic text, projected visuals, dance, trans-genre music, performance art, new technologies and sculptural costuming; I announce new social formations and multivalent visual/musical prophecies. I am a meta-gender and meta-genre artist. I create conversations that question performance, gender and artistic norms.

I was a founding member of the Monad Artrock Collective. We performed political experimental Live Art at the Times Square Show, ABC No Rio, No Se No, A's Performance Loft, Storefront for Art &Architecture.

I am now a member of Las Artistas Salvajes de Loisaida, an art action collective. We use the New York Underground Museum as an experimental laboratory for social and personal transformation. We believe that art, culture and creativity are critically important to our neighborhood and to humanity across the globe. Our radical interdisciplinary nonconformism speaks of new blood, ancient culture, structured freedom and communal creation in action.

This spring an HBO special about artist Hilary Knight will feature Legere doing a live painting in her studio. The special was produced by Lena Dunham. Legere and her paintings are also featured in an upcoming documentary about Larry Rivers.