The New York Underground Museum is a permeable internet membrane of ideas, energies, and sensitivities.   NYUM is a new model for Museums - a museum surrounded by air and light, open 24 hours a day where interactivity and collective viewer feedback are integrated into the perceptual process. NYUM curates, presents and preserves works that are not held by major institutions

We celebrate experimental artists working outside the Art Establishment, such as female artists, anti social artists, artists with emotional and physical disabilities, and artists of color. 

New York City is more than a city. It is an idea. Through NYUM, the NY Experimental Art Community extends it's bright tentacles beyond its geographical and chronological location to encompass a metaphysicality of art lovers and connoisseurs.  NYUM is a harbinger of a new era of cultural inclusiveness.

The New York Underground Museum is designed specifically for the worldwide web, and the artworks presented are ideally suited for Internet delivery: Digital Art, Video, Performance Art, Animation, Interactive Art, Visual Music. Our museum is open to the global public, 24/7.

As money for the arts diminishes, there is a need for new strategies in arts presentation. We will present work by internationally recognized art stars as well as recent art by underground, visionary and emerging artists rarely seen outside of New York City. We have access to this content because of our decades of work and long standing connections with curators, scholars and artists in the New York art world.

* Featured Show :

 " The 3 Jacks"

Digital Artist Jack Ox, Video Artist Jack Waters, and Interdisciplinary Artist Jack Smith. 

•  My Bohemia

From 2006 - 2012 our MYSPACE.COM/nyundergroundmuseum page was viewed by 5 million people and featured the work of 70,000 artists. Our MySPACE NY Interact Global Chat program facilitated dialogue between international artists. It was ALIVE with art spirits debating and declaiming about contemporary artistic practice. We mourn (without real grief) the demise of MYSPACE. The Late was an early adopter of interactive global transmedia...some of our videos still hover there, disembodied, in the digital limbo of heritage technology...