Minutes 1.25.15

nyumlogorealMeeting of the Art Camp Committee

Present: Urszula Abolik, Barnaby Ruhe, Danielle Azizza, Phoebe Legere

Meeting called to order by Executive Director Phoebe Legere

Refreshments provided by Phoebe Legere: $19.95, 5 Chocolate croissants, 3 large coffees, milk, sugar. (One Belgian Waffle donated by Dinges next door.)

Each person present introduces themselves and tells their background in education.

Phoebe gives a brief overview of the mission and history of the Underground Museum.

Resolved and voted:

NYUM Art Camp will take place July 13 -17 9AM-4PM, M-F with a Family day 12-3PM on Saturday.

Family Day 7/18 noon will be an exhibition of the children’s art works, music, poetry, theater and dance.

We discussed the age range of children. Daniella relates her experiences with Middle Schoolers, and talks about the difficulty of breaking through with High School age young people.

We decide and vote on 9-12 as a general age range.

Barnaby suggests that the children keep a “cartoon journal” of what happens at home and at camp during the week. Phoebe suggests a “mixed-media” journal.
All agree.
Other exciting ideas are shared: tracing the body, the buddy mentor, wearable sculpture, theater games, creating an art book, performance poetry, health and wholeness.

Phoebe asks Danielle to tell us where we will find gifted children for the camp.
Barnaby suggests an interview to filter for gifted children.

Danielle tells Phoebe to prepare a one sheet and a folder describing the camp. These materials should be given to Principals, Art Teachers and Parent coordinators. Danielle will provide a list of the shelters and public schools in the neighborhood.

Curriculum is to be discussed at the next meeting but self-defense and math are suggested to augment the arts curriculum.

Barnaby talks about techniques to focus and settle hyperactive and autistic children. Special needs children will be discussed at a later meeting.

Non-profits that distribute food to non-profits and Materials for the Arts will be contacted as soon as our 501(c)(3) comes through.
Our CFO offers to contribute the notebooks for the journals.

Phoebe tells Danielle to invoice her for any time she spends on administration.

All agree it is great, fun meeting full of hope and love for our community.
TO DO: NYS Char form, Camp Licenses, CPR certification, Insurance through FracturedAtlas,
Meeting with Gardens and MORuS. Confirmation of Theater for the New City as a rainy day space.

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