The works below were selected from a recent gift by Baird Jones, who was an adjunct curator of the New York Underground Museum.

Mr. Jones was the ultimate art world insider. His father was the Art Editor for Time Magazine and his mother etc. etc.

We adored Baird. He grasped the potential of our new initiative.

Baird discussed his underground curatorial strategies in Phoebe Legere's documentary,

"Meet the Curator"

Baird will be missed. Click Legere's drawing for an intimate portrait of "Bucky."

Highlights of the Baird Jones Gift:

Marilyn Manson

David Bowie

Miles Davis

Damien Hirst

Baird left his entire multi million dollar collection to HOOP. I made a little video of HOOP delivering my painting Celebrity Blow Job #7, an intimate portrait of Matt Dillon) after it was shown by Baird at some New York club.

In general we have found that artists are nice, fun and generous and that rich landlords and captains of industry are impotent, greedy and boring. Can you feel the good energy all around HOOP?

Why don't people believe in living artists? Our friend Jack Smith had to die before anyone noticed that he needed help!

Baird believed in our museum. He was some kind of genius.






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